#314 - 2013-01-04

schenget: do share, what is the problem my child? jread: .. jread: "child"? jread: lol jread: you unlucky sod! jread: (having me as a child!) schenget: hehe.... cant remember the name of the film but that was the sentence used by the bishop who molested young boys... jread: ...

#2 - 2008-12-21

Re the abandonment of #XCOM:

oz: give me control over it and i'll inject life ;) oz: even if its only bot fights oz: "i can process PI to 5.3 billion points in 1 second" oz: "i can do it in 0.9999 seconds" oz: "your programmer sucks cock" oz: "tcp over here and transmit that!" oz: UDP FIIIIGHT

#336 - 2013-03-23

A good engineer needs only gaffa tape and lube.

If it moves and it shouldn't, use the gaffa tape. If it should move and it doesn't, use the lube.

#498 - 2014-06-09

Tea shall hence forth be considered a productivity tool.

#22 - 2009-06-26

Richard: as long as you don't follow any of my advice, you'll be fine ***toby CRITICAL EXCEPTION - Paradox detected... shutting down ***

#205 - 2012-03-18

Xcon: That firewall is about as effective as a fierce looking garden gnome.

#200 - 2012-03-12

techfreak-ssm: Lost in network translation

#28 - 2009-07-11

21:56 * Mike moos at neil 21:57 * norby89 poos on Mike 21:57 * Talidan rubs oil on norby89 21:58 * Mike pushes norby89 down a luge track 21:59 <%norby89> wiiiiiiiiiiii

#421 - 2014-01-28

rui: Tonight, it's going to be a lot of work... rui: I'm going to buy a Chicken rui: you know what is going to happen next james: hmm?... rui: well, unless you have a sick, twisted and odd mind, you know what is going to happen next!

** rui was actually talking about his [semi-]famous Portuguese Lemon Chicken recipe!

#493 - 2014-05-23

I used a GA to optimize seating assignments at my wedding reception. 80 guests over 10 tables. Evaluation function was based on keeping people with their dates, putting people with something in common together, and keeping people with extreme opposite views at separate tables.

I ran it several times. Each time, I got nine good tables, and one with all the odd balls. In the end, my wife did the seating assignments.

#154 - 2011-11-03

The fine line between Genius and Insanity is bisected by Success.

#265 - 2012-08-06

I thought about getting a job in marketing, but I actually did get enough oxygen at birth which makes me overqualified.

#349 - 2013-04-18

Matt: I'm not measured on this persons ability to fail. Matt: So if they don't listen and try to do it anyway, they can fail as much as they like. Neil: That would be one hell of performance metric for personal reviews. Neil: "How much have you failed this year? Please select from the following options:" Neil: A little Neil: A lot Neil: Badly Neil: Really badly Neil: More than I wanted to Neil: Epic quantities of fail Neil: Somebody died

#417 - 2014-01-23

jread@jread-420s: fortune | wall jread@jread-420s: Broadcast message from jread@jread-420s.teratan.lan (Thu Jan 23 14:24:25 2014):

hubub, hubub, HUBUB, hubub, hubub, hubub, HUBUB, hubub, hubub, hubub.

#270 - 2012-09-10
private int risk = new Integer(0);
private int age = new Integer(0);
private int type = new Integer(0);