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Manager: Just spoon another thread.
Individual: I think you mean fork another thread.
Manager: Ah yes, that's the one.


We should have a protocol handler for real life. So when you want to link to something which exists in reality, rather than virtually we could have something like this:


It would be even better if it was clickable


Ally: Your code doesn't work though
Ally: So, you temporarily suck
James: We'll see about that!
Ally: I'm sure you will return to level: Asian, tomorrow!
Derek: Whats a level Asian?!


James: I feel like we should just change our business model to steal from banks to generate money
James: It would be far less effort and paperwork
Stephan: Right. Andrea would do crowd control, Matthias does the logistics, the rest of us just grab the money.
Matthias: hmm. I feel that is probably the most productive action from this meeting!


Andy: I need energy and I'm going to find it in this tub of flora butter


21:56 * Mike moos at neil
21:57 * norby89 poos on Mike
21:57 * Talidan rubs oil on norby89
21:58 * Mike pushes norby89 down a luge track
21:59 <%norby89> wiiiiiiiiiiii


Rhys: it was -26 inside the car in Finland... At home its only -20 in my freezer!


Sadist: Lets have sex with the cat then torture it!
Murderer: Lets have sex with the cat then torture it and then kill it!
Necrophile: Lets have sex with the cat then torture it, kill it, and have sex with it again!
Pyromanic: Lets have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it, have sex with it again and then burn it!
Masochist: Meow.


andrea: I really wish the world was flat...
james: ...err?
andrea: Think about it, we would not have timezones!
james: Oh, I'm totally with you on that, timezones suck.
andrea: and, if the world was flat, you could push people off the edge! :)


Andy: Quite funny seeing toothpaste on offer in Totton asda when no one here has any teeth