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James: Ahh I love Portsmouth... but I couldn't live here again
Evie: A bit like your mother I guess...
Evie: Good for visits, but you wouldn't want to be in her again


j___d: Ah, are you running out of space on one of you LV's?
a___a: No, I've only got one one logical volume
j___d: One? Don't you mean illogical volume?


Oh don't worry you wont feel anything... Im so unnatracted to you my penis will inverse boner


M: "O" deserves a medal
J: Dont make the medal out of chocolate, of it will get eaten...
O: Can you make it out of sleep?
M: sure, /me whips up a batch of rohypnal chocolate


MikeW: I just had to instruct the cashier in Lidl how to count to 2... #WhatDoWeWant #HumanSterilisation #WhenDoWeWantIt #Now


dm: I'm really looking forward to operation filthy weasel.


Yeah, so basically the only way to win at bitcoin right now is to fuck Moore's law as hard as you can!


Andreas: r.i.p logitech Keyboard. 2008-2009


[01:28:06] <&VRocker-Work> i need to write up my plans for the house atomation
[01:28:11] <&VRocker-Work> *automation
[01:28:18] <&VRocker-Work> not going to shrink the house to the size of an atom


R: I'm thinking of applying to be a obstrician or gynaecologist
R: Fuck all qualifications but I'll have a bloody good look
J: hehe, that would be a terrible job
J: looking at grannies bum holes all day long
R: Kinda like being a sales director having to deal with arse holes that don't work properly